ISSUANCES / MEMOS S.Y. 2013 - 2014

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Memo No.          List of Assignment During the 10th Execom

Memo No.          Submission of LGU Hired Teachers

Memo No.          Reporting of Anomalous Transactions

Memo No.          Conduct of External Stakeholders Advocacy on K to 12

Memo No.          Malaysian Technical  Cooperation Program

Memo No.          Pangasinan Chess Festival 2013

Memo No.          Prime Program Application Form

Memo No.          Orientation Workshop on Data-Gathering

Memo No.          Scholarship Advisory

Memo No.          Campus Journalists and School Paper Advisers' Workshop

Memo No.          Change of Schedule of the Campus Journalism Seminar - Workshop for

                            Second Congressional District

Memo No.          MAPEH/MSEP Dept. Heads Association Officers & Members, Sports Coordinators &

                            Technical ExpertsPlanning Conference

Memo No. 106  Scouting Orientation Course

Memo No. 104  Three-Day Division Training on Enhancing Pedagogy Skills in Multigrade

Memo No. 103 Division Federated PTA Election & Division English Conference for HTs & Coordinators

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